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Our expertise

- Water and the environment

- Geology and mining

- Oil and energy

- Telecommunications

- Communication and marketing

Other areas of expertise

- Farming and forestry

- Biology and biotechnologies

- Science and technology

- Diplomacy and defense

- Sports and tourism

- Business

- Management and human resources

- Journalism and literature

Professional contacts

International Federation of Translators
Aeschenvorstadt 71,
CH-4051 Basel (Switzerland)

American Translators Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

Irish Translators and Interpreters Association
C/o Irish Writers' Centre
19 Parnell Square
Dublin 1, Ireland

Institute of Translation & Interpreting
Milton Keynes Business
CentreFoxhunter Drive
Linford Wood
Milton Keynes
MK14 6GD, United Kingdom


marketing The role of our associates is primarily to rephrase your documents and presentations for another country of context. Quality, accuracy and respect of deadlines are the added value we bring to your documents and presentations.

Our associates work in their mother tongue in English, German, Polish, Italian or French. This ensures the quality of the result.

besançon Our associates work in their mother tongue in English, German, Polish, Italian or French. Our associates will surprise you with their quality, accuracy, and availability. Service to the customer is at the core of our values.

What our translators actually provide you is to take your business to the international level, using your words. Our translators speak the language of your business.

identite-visuelle BUSINESS AND BACK-OFFICE
English, German, Polish and Italian <> French (1) (2)

English, Polish <> French (1) (2)

(1) For any other language combination, please contact us
(2) Our collaborators work in their mother tongue

Download a detailed presentation of our Back-Office services, as well as our international business services by clicking on the link above.