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Creator and Managing Director of Franpolia, Olivier Dubois worked in top business and management positions in the private as well as in the public sectors. Among others, he worked for Total and the Environmental Branch of Engie. Born in France, where he currently lives, he worked seven years abroad (USA, Ireland and Poland). He provides Franpolia with his passion for communication, international matters, and customer service. When he is not in the office, Olivier loves being with friends, hiking, jogging, or visiting new countries.

Fast Facts

- International trade has undergone a threefold growth since 1990.

- The European Union represents 20% of global business trade.

- Business trade between France and Poland has experienced a threefold growth since 2000.

- The translation market grows globally by 15% per year.

- The global revenues of the translation industry reach 15 billion Euros.



We assist you in your search for business and industrial partners. We also assist you in the negotiations, organizing a local establishment, conducting specialized market studies, maintaining business, legal or technical watch, and assist you as well in the setting up of special events like organizing and hosting seminars, technical and company visits.

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Our associates work in their mother tongue, in English, German, Polish, Italian or French, our associates will surprise you with their quality, accuracy and availability. But above all, what our associates actually bring is to take you to the international level by using the expect language of your own business.

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Exchanges made easier and more efficient - sales and marketing - public policies - communication.

Serving companies - reinforcing existing partnerships, or creating new ones

Serving public bodies - helping to define and manage public policies

Tools - Prospection and search for commercial or industrial partners, representation on professional fairs, commercial events, conferences, assistance in negociations, translation-interpretation.